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Pension for incapacity for work


Pension for incapacity for work is a type of state pension. 

The following persons have the right to receive pension for incapacity for work:
- permanent residents of Estonia;
- aliens residing in Estonia on the basis of temporary residence permits or temporary right of residence.

Persons of at least 16 years of age who are declared permanently incapacitated for work with the 40 to 100 per cent loss of the capacity for work, and who have earned a following pension qualifying period in Estonia by the commencement date of establishment of permanent incapacity for work:

Age                                 Required pension qualifying period

16-24 years                     No requirement for length of service
25-26 years                     1 year
27-28 years                     2 years
29-30 years                     3 years
3I-32 years                      4 years
33-35 years                     5 years
36-38 years                     6 years
39-41 years                     7 years
42-44 years                     8 years
45-47 years                     9 years
48-50 years                   10 years
51-53 years                   11 years
54-56 years                   12 years
57-59 years                   13 years
60-62 years                   14 years

If the reason for the permanent incapacity for work is a work injury or occupational disease, pension for incapacity for work shall be granted with no requirement for length of service.

For the persons declared permanently incapacitated for work, pension for incapacity for work shall be granted for the entire period of incapacity for work but not for longer than until attaining pensionable age. 




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